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The Story of

“The Original

100 Calorie Wine Glass”

Amy Morton has provided personal training services to women struggling with weight loss and motivation for more than 8 years.  Her success has always been derived from customizing programs for each client, scheduling homework for her clients between sessions, and requiring clients to keep a food journal which she reviews with them weekly.

In 2008, Amy worked diligently with one client that seemed to be doing everything right.  She was pushing herself in the training sessions, completing all the designated homework, and monitoring her diet.  Amy says “I noticed she was listing water with breakfast, usually a diet soft drink or tea with lunch but no drink with dinner.  When I asked her what she drank with dinner she told me she usually had a glass or two of wine.”  It was at that point Amy asked her client to closely monitor and document her wine intake.  Amy designed a “100 calorie wine glass” to help her client with this. 

After a week of using the wine glass, Amy’s client reported she was consuming 300 (sometimes more) calories of wine each evening.  “Since my client has started using the 100 Calorie Wine Glass she’s reduced her daily alcohol and calorie intake and kick started her weight loss,” Amy says.

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